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Curriculum Vitae of Chitra Mudgal

Chitraji is the first Indian woman to receive the coveted ‘Vyas Samman’ for her novel ‘Avaan’. 'Avaan'—meaning potter's kiln— is hailed as one of the greatest literary works in Hindi and brought her laurels from world over.

Chitraji was born in Chennai on the 10th of December 1944. Educated in Mumbai, she has done her M.A. in Hindi Literature from the S.N.D.T. University. In Hindi literature,today, she is a very respected and talked about novelist. Since her youth, she has lived and worked amongst the weaker sections of the society of all caste and creed. To understand and solve their problems, to be able to make their lives a little better, has been an objective that she still fulfills. This is the reason why, through her vast experience, one can glimpse into the realities of their lives, through in her writings. Her novel ‘Avaan’, portraying the lives and times during the Trade Union Movement during the time of Datta Samant has been acknowledged by critics as a masterpiece of literary work and stands as a classic novel in Hindi Literature. It is no wonder that ‘Avaan‘ has received numerous awards.

Professional projects :

- Secretary of 'Jagran' a NGO working for the upliftment of domestic women workers living in the slums of Mumbai (1965-1972).

- An activist with 'Swadhar', a NGO working towards the Economic Independence(1979-1983).

- As Director of Women Studies Unit, involved in planning of books 'Dahej - Davanal', 'Begum Hazrat Mahal', 'Stree Samta'(1986-1990).

- Jury member of the 'Aashirwad' Film Awards, (1980).

- Member of Indian Film Censor Board, (1999-2001).

- Invited by the Mahatma Gandhi Pratishthan, Mauritius, for their program - Rachnakaar se Bheenth'.

- Member of Jury in A. I. R, National Competition of Drama, (1995).

- Member of important social organizations like 'Samanvay', 'Stree Shakti', 'Abhivyakti' etc.

- Cover story writer of famous film magazine 'Madhuri', a Times of India publication for four years.

- Column writer for Saaptahik Hindustan, 'Surya', Maharashtra Times' (translated),'Shree' (Gujarati), and under pen-name 'Chimu' four childrens magazine 'Parag' .

- Member of Jury for the 49th National Film Awards (2001) and Indian Panaroma (2002).

- Member of the Sixth and seventh World Hindi Conference, London.

- Jury Member for the Maulana Azaad Essay Competition(Saarc countries) by I.C.C.R.

- Board Member of the Prasar Bharati Corporation Of India (2003 -2007).

- Chairperson for ‘Indian Classics’ aired by Doordarshan.

- Senior Fellowship by the Human Resources Ministry , Indian Government.

- Member of the Hindi Salahakar Samiti for the Space And Atomic Energy Department (2006 – 2009).

- Member of the Hindi Salahakar Samiti for the Post and Telegraph Department (2006 – 2009).

Selected Bibliography of published works, Honors and List of Activity by Chitra Mudgal

'Preksha Award' (1986) awarded for National Unity and Integretion.

'Sahityik Kriti' awarded for story collection 'Is Hamam Mein' by Hindi Academy, New Delhi (1986-87).

‘Bal Sahitya Award' for children's book 'Jungle ka Raaj' by Hindi Academy (1986-87).

‘Raja Radhikraman Prasad Award' for 'Gyaarah Lambi Kahaniyaan' by Rajasthan Vibhag (1987).

'Faneshwarnath Renu Sahitya Award' for the novel 'Ek Zamin Apni' by Gramin Vikas Sanghthan (1994).

'Sahityakar Samman' by the Hindi Academy, Delhi (1995).

'Sahitya Bhushan Samman' by the Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan (2000).

'Vidula Samman' for the contribution to Social Services by Vikas Kaya Foundation, Kolkata (2001).

Novel 'Gilligadu' was awarded the 'Chakradhar Samman' from Madhya Pradesh (2005).

Novel 'Gilligadu' was awarded the 'Goenka Samman' in Mumbai (2005).

Honours awarded for her literary work ‘Avaan

Millinium's first International 'Indu Sharma Katha Samman Award' U.K. for the novel 'Aavaan'.

The prestigious ‘Vyas Samman ‘ by K.K.Birla Foundation (2003).

'Sahityik Kriti' award by Hindi Academy ,New Delhi (2000).

‘Vir Singh Dev ‘ award by Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Academy ( 2001).

The highest award of Himachal Pradesh 'Shikhar Samman' (2007).

Literary works - Story collections:

- Zahar Thehra Hu pages 126 (1980), Ananya Prakashan, Delhi.

- Lakshagraha pages 101 (1982), Parag Prakashan, Shahadara

- Apni Vaapsi pages 122 (1983), SambhavnaPrakashan, Hapud

- Is Hamam Mein pages 164 (1986), Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi

- Gyarah Lambi Kahaniyan pages 212 (1987), Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi

- Jagdamba Babu Gaon Aa Rahe Hain pages 103 (1992), National Publishing House,Delhi

- Charchit Kahaniyan pages 160 (1994), Samayik Prakashan,Delhi

- Maamla Aage Badhega Abhi pages 176 (1995), Prabhat Prakashan,Delhi

-Jinavar pages 120 (1996), Kitab Ghar,Delhi

-The Hyena And other Stories pages 165 (1998), Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Edition (2001), Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd.

- Kechul pages 156 (2001), Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi

- Bhookh pages 132 (2001), Prabhat Prakashan Delhi

- Laptein pages 96 (2002), Bhartiya Gyanpith, Delhi

- Bayaan pages96 (2004), Bhartiya Gyanpith, Delhi

-Aadi Anaadi pages 272 (3 Volumes) (2007), Samayik Prakashan, Delhi.


- Ek Zamin Apni pages 255 (1990), Prabhat Prakashan Delhi,
(1999), Rajkamal Prakashan Delhi paperback
(2002), Rajkamal Prakashan Delhi
(2002), Samayik Prakashan Delhi

- Aavaan pages 544 (1999), Samayik Prakashan Delhi,
5th Edition (2006), Samayik Prakashan, Delhi

- Gilligadu pages 144 (2002), Samayik Prakashan Delhi

- The Crusade pages 273 (2002), Ocean Books Pvt Ltd Delhi

Collection of Short Stories for Children:

-Jungle Ka Raaj pages 48 (1980), Prabhat Prakashan Delhi,

(2003), Sahitya Prakashan, Delhi

-Desh Desh Ki Lok Kathayein pages 80 (1986), Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi

- Neeti Kathayein pages 88 (1987), NCERT Delhi

-Soojh Boojh (2006), Rajpal and Sons, Delhi

-Door Ke Dhol (2006), Kitab Ghar,Delhi

- Ped Par Khargosh pages 50 (2006),Kitab Ghar, Delhi

Children's Novels:

- Madhavi Kannagi (1993), Kitab Ghar, Delhi
2nd Edition (2001), Kitab Ghar Delhi

- Manimaikhale (2002), Sahitya Prakashan, Delhi

- Jeevak Chintamani (2002), Sahitya Prakashan, Delhi


-Tehkhano Mein Bandh Aaine Ke Aks (1988), Abhinav Prakashan

-Bayaar Unki Mutthi Mein (2004) Kalyani Shiksha Parishad,Delhi


-Panchparmeshwar and other Dramas (2005) Rajpal and Sons, Delhi

-Boodhi Kaaki and other Dramas (2005) Rajpal and Sons, Delhi

-Sadgati and other Dramas (2005) Rajpal and Sons, Delhi

Edited Books:

- Asaphal Dampatya Ki Kahaniyan (1987), Prabhat Prakashan Delhi

- Tootte Parivaron Ki Kahani (1987), Prabhat Prakashan

- Doosri Aurat Ki Kahani (1988), Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi

- Bheegi Hui Raat (1989), Education Department,Rajasthan

- Puruskrit Kahaniyan (1989), Santosh Prakashan, Delhi

- Deh dehri (2003), Sahitya Prakashan, Delhi

- Munshi Premchand Ki Prem Kahaniyan (2005), Roshnai Prakashan, Delhi

Translations of works of others:

‘Gujrati Ki Shreshtha Vyang Kathayein’ - Parag Prakashan

Translated more than hundred works from Gujarati, Marathi, and English to Hindi

Works Adapted Into Film:

- Produced tele film ‘Waaris’ for Delhi Doordarshan

- Telefilm on the story ‘Bavajood Iske’ by Lucknow Doordarshan

- Feature film on the story ‘Pret Yoni’

-Story ‘Runa Aa Rahi Hai’ and ‘Pret Yoni’ was featured in Manju Singh’s Serial ‘Ek Kahani’ and ‘Aur Ek Kahani’ respectively.

-Story ‘Abhi Bhi’, featured in the serial ‘Majhdhar'

-Story ‘Dashrath Ka Vanvas’ featured in the serial ‘Rishtey’-Zee TV

-Story ‘Sauda’ featured in the serial ‘Rishtey’-Zee TV

Translations of her work in various Languages:

Stories translated in various languages like Gujrati, Marathi,Telugu,Malyalam,Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Tamil etc.

Stories published in foreign languages like English, Italian, German, Czechoslovakian, Japanese, Chinese etc.

Taught in Curriculum:

- ‘Ek Zamin Apni’ M.A.- Rajasthan University.

- ‘Gyarah Lambi Kahaniyan’ -Osaka University, Japan.

- ‘Gyarah Lambi Kahaniyan’ in Braille by The Andhra Shiksha Kendra, Mumbai, for The School for the Blind.

-Story ‘Jab Tak Vimlayen Hain’ included in book ‘Varn Nirparak’ edited by ‘The Yashwant Rao Chavan University’ for BA Part Two-Maharashtra.

-Short story ‘Rishta’ included in book ‘Vividha’ for class 11 NCERT.

- Story ‘Avaam’ – class 6, Gujarat.

- Story ‘Jinavar’ – BA Rajasthan University.

- Novel ‘Avaan’ –MA Kota University,Rajasthan.

- Story ‘Domin Kaki’ class 11 SCERT, Kerala.

Address: Chitra Mudgal

G57, Medha Apartments

Mayur Vihar, Phase-1 Extn.

New Delhi 110091


Tel : 011-45654877


E-mail : mail@chitramudgal.info